Wrap review: Firespiral Night’s Watch Cyano Charters Moss

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to try out one of Firespiral slings’ upcoming releases; Night’s Watch Cyano Charters Moss. For those who aren’t familiar with the Firespiral brand, they’re a small company run by 2 mums, with all wraps designed, woven and finished in the North of England, using a variety of carefully sourced natural fibres. The inspiration for their designs is drawn from nature, science and a little magic, creating unique, beautiful wraps that are both affordable and ethical.

Baby E and I have spent the last couple of weeks playing with night’s watch in a size 4 and it’s time to tell you what we think!


Charters Moss is possibly my favourite Firespiral design. The repeating landscape image depicts the northern lights dancing over a line of evergreen trees at a Bronze Age settlement, and the bottom rail is patterned with runes that read ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’. The colours of the wrap work beautifully with this design; the alternating navy and deep purple weft threads matching a clear night sky while the gorgeous vivid jewel tones of the green-blue gradient warp faithfully recreate the effect of the Aurora borealis.

Wrap Qualities

Night’s watch is, first and foremost, insanely soft and snuggly. Firespiral is renowned for its kitten belly soft combed cotton warps, complemented in this case by viscose and cashmere among the weft threads. The weft face somehow manages to be textured and smooth at the same time, and the wrap feels floppy and thin in hand, making it the perfect choice for a new baby.

Night’s watch is incredibly easy to wrap with, and truly wraps itself, with passes gliding easily but staying in place. It’s been most used here in a kangaroo carry, but has also held up well in a front wrap cross carry, short front cross carry, semi pocket front cross carry, and ruck, all with 3 month old baby E. I imagine it would be great with multi pass carries for bigger babies too.

It says a lot about this wrap that since it’s been here, I haven’t reached for any other sling. It’s been everywhere with us – on the preschool run, through the woods, and even on an epic adventure to London by rail and tube!

Night’s watch would make the perfect introduction to woven wraps and as such is an ideal new baby gift. Not only is it stunningly soft and easy to wrap with, but the gradient green top to blue bottom warp makes it easy to tell which rail is which – always handy during tightening for novice (and not so novice) wrappers. It’s also a great introduction to Firespiral for those not familiar with their wraps.

And if you’re not a turquoise fan? Its sister wrap, night’s watch sunset charters moss, is the same fibre blend and design with a hot pink warp. Both wraps are open for special length pre-orders NOW, with general release on 23rd March via the Firespiral Shop.


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